Gynofit- Moisturizing Vaginal gel

Vaginal dryness is still highly emotional taboo

Vaginal dryness can occur at all age groups, due to various reasons:


  • oral contraception

  • stress and anxiety 

  • post surgical procedures

  • after delivery or during lactation

  • during menopause

  • at chemotherapy

Gynofit Moisturizing Gel for vaginal dryness

  • without preservation and perfume

  • sterile wrapping of applicators

  • ideal for travelling 

  • hormone free

  • even for long term usage
  • storage at room temperature


Gynofit-Moisturizing Gel is available in packages of six or twelve at your pharmacy  WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

Please see also the homepage for further informationens

Read the package insert , ask your physician or pharmacist.