FEMINEX ® - Ointment for perineal massage

The woman´s - considered anatomically  the tissue in the area between the vagina and

anus.  If the perineum cannot stretch enough during childbirth then it may tear or the woman

may need to have an episiotomy (surgical cut). To prepare well the perineum on the moment of birth -  passage of the head of the child -  the perineum massage is an accepted method.It is usually that the perineal massage is rethe last 6 - 8 weeks before the recommended due date.
It has been proven that regular massage of the perineum before birth can reduce the risk of perineal tears and the implementation of an episiotomy during delivery.
Since October  1st - Feminex - Ointment for perineal massage with the unique patented componted Elastocell ® available in the pharmacy.
Feminex ® increased due to the properties of its ingredients - significantly the flexibility and elasticity of the perineal tissue